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Article by Choto 3000




[color=#00BFBF]Hi Cros, It's a long time since we heard from you. Do you ever play RS anymore?[/color] I in fact do not. I have not played Runescape in many years.

[color=#00BFBF]You once made it your goal to get the QPC in the shortest time possible. I think it was done in just a few months, and you belonged to the Low Council. Runemetrics now shows a member named Rerecross, but he has only completed 6 quests. Is this you or someone else?[/color] See the above question. My exact date of most recent play is lost in the annals of history. But I did try to make a comeback shortly after they released divination. I played a couple sixth age quests when they came out too! They were chuckleworthy! More than can be said about many of there late 2010 early 2011 work SMH. I did get my first Quest Point Cape in exactly one year from May 20, 2010 to the same date 2011, although I could have gotten it about a month earlier, we stretched it out for a big clan party, to celebrate, as several clan members had joined around the same time I had, and this beautiful website that we’re still on today was undergoing a makeover that was getting unveiled then! (Which it has since moved on from) It was a time for celebration!

[color=#00BFBF]How has your life changed over the past 10 years? Are you finished schooling? What are you working at?[/color] I have graduated from University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater. I am currently a Real Estate Agent. I am also an Actor. I just finished performing in a production of Twelfth Night, and I am actually founding a theater which is opening its first production in June!!! I am a busy bee!


[color=#00BFBF]Do you still think of the clan members as 'my people' ? I think you always said 'once a clannie, always a clannie' and that has stuck as an unspoken rule among us.[/color] Absolutely. It warms my heart that people would adopt my policies after I’m gone.


[color=#00BF00]How would you describe yourself? [/color] I think that open ended question such as this probably are too hard for me. I’m really not sure what to do with it. I’ll try the one word approach: Creative. Most of the things that I do, are creative, and if I’m not creative, I’m usually too bored to really do it. Or at least do it well.

[color=#00BF00]I know "Rerecros" is sorcerer backwards but I've always thought of it as, like, rare scarecrows. Rarecrows. Rerecros. Are you in fact a rare scarecrow?[/color] Nope. Draz is the one without the Brain. Old School fellows will tell you I sing if I only had a heart.



[color=#FF0000]Is Chinese leaf a lettuce or cabbage?[/color] If you’re speaking of Napa that is a cabbage. Bok Choi, Lettuce. You need to be more specific.

[color=#FF0000]Are you a fan of ornamental cabbage?[/color] Are you somehow suggesting that cabbages are not permitted to participate in cotillion?



[color=#FFBF00]Do you have a favourite town in RS if so why?[/color] Port Phasmatys but I cannot support my answer with evidence from the text.

[color=#FFBF00]I gather you have been on a RS break are you looking forward to being an active player again?[/color] Honestly not at this time no.

[color=#FFBF00]Do you have a favourite skill or are you a kill da boss type of player?[/color] My goal at the time that I played was to get an untrimmed slayer cape. That actually is still plausible.


[color=#FFBF00]What is your favourite place to hang out on RS?[/color] I am not altogether sure anymore.I did some extremely obscure things while playing Runescape, spending many an hour cleaning herbs in the cooking guild, making cannonballs in edgeville, filling empty vials with water at varrock. I was a strange creature to say the least. My fondest memories were clearing room for more cabbages to grow in the Draynor Patch of Hope.

[color=#FFBF00]PvM . skilling or a bit of both?[/color] Questing, this is early in the interview, and it’s a theme we’ll see throughout, but the quests are the game the rest is nonsense put in to unlock other portions of the game. I played to play the game. Not to play the nonsense. And I realize how offputing that is to all of you max capers. Different strokes...

[color=#FFBF00]What is your opinion of clowns?[/color] I wanted to be a clown. I’m not allowed. It’s apparently a crime to cover up this gorgeous face.

[color=#FFBF00]What was your favourite random event (Maze, Forester etc)?[/color] I didn’t realize you could have a favorite necessary evil…

[color=#FFBF00]Rosewell [sic] - what is your opinion of Aliens? Exist of not exist? [/color] ‘Twould be rather arrogant of us to assume we’re the only life in the universe. Whether they’ve visited us or not. That I doubt. Simply because we have nothing to offer ourselves, what have we to offer extraterrestrial sapiens?


[color=#00FF00]What item affects your daily life the most, both in real life and Runescape? [/color] Search the forums for “Ectophial!!!!!!!!!” for a good time. In real life it’s quickly becoming Peppermint Essential Oil, which I’m now convinced is the nectar of the gods. Just don’t drink the stuff


[color=#00FF00]For a "new" person like me, tell me how you are involved with Clan Quest.[/color] I was a Low Council member, and one of, if not the first, non-voting member of the Low-Council. I don’t know if that’s even a thing anymore, but once upon a time. Before Jagex actually gave us clans you had to sit in someone’s friend chat in order to chit chat with people, and ranks were divided amongst the clan based on your accomplishment and contribution to the clan etc. Kicking power was given to Low Council and up, because as the clan was founded, anyone could waltz into the chat asking for help, and often times people waltzed in being dickbags or other. But in order to be Low Council members you had to have a Quest Point cape. As the founding member of the Event Thugs United I was granted a seat on the Low Council (by vote of High Council) but not give a vote until gaining my QPC. Other Non-voting Low Council members include (at various times) Hemsky, Sir Ragnhild, Nene Mom, et al

[color=#00FF00]What is your earliest memory of Clan Quest?[/color] Draz bitching in our apartment about Kappa


[color=#00FF00]What is your earliest Runescape memory?[/color] Slaying that damn goblin outside Lumbridge castle, with the basic wind spell. Like a boss.

[color=#00FF00]You get a ticket to visit Runescape IRL. Where do you go first?[/color] Looking for imps. I gotta get that Imp banner.


[color=#00FF00]You get 30 seconds of full attention from all employees of Jagex. What do you say?[/color] Hi. Good work. Maybe more cabbages.

[color=#00FF00]Tell me your darkest secret that would make the Draziw give his entire bank to you.[/color] I know your bank is actually really small.


[color=#008000]Is sorcerer your favourite D&D class? If not, which is?[/color] 5e - Not sure I can answer this question. At this time I have only played a bard (Stomruil - Rooey for short, a Dragon who has been turned into a Dragonborn through means he can not comprehend and is trying to regain his true form) and a Monk (Diggy McShovels a Halfling Folk Hero who lost everything in a haunted past, and has vowed to prevent the same tragedy from befalling others) . I have enjoyed playing both. But the bard is an all time great character, and truly fantastic, background alignment etc. If you like I’ll send you a character sheet. I am looking at using a Sorcerer for my next campaign, Divine Soul (Xanathar’s) but I’m working with my DM to homebrew a race because I’m trying to work a mod on the Changeling that WoTC came out with a while back, ShapeShifter is what I’m going for, something with multiple forms, but not so ridiculously overpowered as their race. We’ll see how it goes. I like the potential, on the sorcerer, especially with divine soul, mixing very sorcerer spells like chaos bolt with very cleric ones like cure wounds. It would be a cool combo.


[color=#FF40FF]I met your noob brother. When is it your turn?[/color] You met David? What did you think of him? Quiet fellow, right?

[color=#FF40FF]What do you think of the Paw.fia?[/color] Seems a bit odd. Not sure how effective a crime syndicate run by cats could be. Not intimidating by any stretch of the imagination. Also not interested in accomplishing anything.



[color=#FF40FF]What do you think of kittens?[/color] Um. They’re alright. But they’re going to turn into cats. And those are unacceptable.

[color=#FF40FF]What do you think of Draz?[/color] He’s alright. I suppose. But only in small doses.

[color=#FF40FF]Why don't you write me letters anymore?[/color] That honestly is a reasonable question. But don’t feel singled out. I have not sent a single letter since 2014. December 22, 2014 to be exact. Damn shame too.

[color=#FF40FF]If you can live outside the US, where would you live?[/color] Probably England. At least they speak my language. I’m practical. And lazy.

[color=#FF40FF]Where have you been all my life?[/color] The U.S. Mostly, Ohio. With a smattering of other localities sprinkled in. I was in Wisconsin last month. It was cool. Surprisingly tall. For the Midwest.


[color=#80FF00]Were you part of any previous clans?[/color] No, sir, I was not. The account was created to track the best order to complete quests. To create a guide for completing quests if you will. I started playing runescape to join the clan if you will.

[color=#80FF00]What was the single most deciding factor for you to apply to this clan?[/color] See above.

[color=#80FF00]Who do you admire the most in the clan?[/color] Hemsky. Goddamit Hemsky.

[color=#80FF00]What are you short term and long term goals in RS?[/color] I will say that when I played I was interested in obtaining an untrimmed slayer cape. I was not interested in getting another cape of accomplishment, except the QPC, until the QPC required a 99. [Editor’s note: Wait what it does?]

[color=#0090DF][b]ALEX 43[/b][/color]

[color=#0090DF]Popcorn with garlic butter and onion salt is the best snack ever. If you disagree, state why in no fewer than 7 paragraphs.[/color] Your taste buds are permitted to be wrong. I will spare you 7 paragraphs of shame. You may continue to be incorrect without my disapproval. Just know.

[color=#0090DF]How much of Chinese New Year transition blows your mind?[/color] Apparently none of it. Because truthfully I’m not sure what the Chinese New Year ‘transition’ is? *runs to google*

[color=#0090DF]Can you pass the salt? If so, what's your favorite technique and what sort of velocity should we be expecting? If not, what's your more preferred spice to pass instead that you find most cheeses off the guy asking for salt?[/color] I have begun using Cayenne in just about everything while cooking. I don’t know that I have a favorite spice per se. I’m not really one to share however, so if you ask me to pass it, I’m much more likely to greet you with a “no” and a “they wants to take my precious”


[color=#0090DF]Just checking, but you know everybody ends up crammed in a small empty room with beige wallpaper when we die, right?[/color] Just give me a stick.

[color=#0090DF]How many times can I punch you in the face until you start to get mildly annoyed by it?[/color] Would you like to apply the scientific method?

[color=#0090DF]What sound does your cat make when you put it in a full nelson? (mine sounds like the lit fuse on a stick of dynamite)[/color] I don’t have a cat? I have a Quest Kitty. It makes unpleasant noises when I talk about it. I can’t imagine putting it in wrestling moves….

[color=#0090DF]Coffee or tea, and what the $%^@ is wrong with you?[/color] God, neither. They're unpalatable, I’ll have you know. I am a completely law abiding citizen, as one would expect from someone who hates coffee tea and other warm beverages.

[color=#0090DF]Can you imagine being the guy who has to do all those 1,000 clue scrolls and give all the caskets to the JMod to open them on-stream?[/color] Still got paid. He be laughing all the way to the bank.

[color=#0090DF]Don't you just miss when demons dropped bones like regular people? [/color] I actually don’t. 2010 represent!

[color=#0090DF]My fifth question, but with a fire hose plugged into a tuba?[/color] Still offering up the scientific method.

[color=#0090DF]Socks. Your unbiased opinion.[/color] They’re hit or miss with me. But usually I’d rather be barefoot.


[color=#FF00FF][b]WOLFFI[/b][/color] [color=#FF00FF]Define sorcerer, and how does it differ from witches, magicians, necromancers, wizards and such?[/color] It’s about the source of magic. Witches use magic from potions, Wizards utilize magic from magical objects, (stones, phoenix feather, etc.) Necromancer is a subset of a spellcaster who focuses on the school of necromancy (magic dealing with death) Sorcerery is powered by your own energy, through different means, blood tithe, divine blessing, will power etc.


[color=#FF00FF]When did you first discover your sorcerer abilities?[/color] April 17, 2003 9:19 PM EST

[color=#FF00FF]Can you cast Fire Surge or is your magic level not high enough?[/color] I’m currently focusing on Lightning and Corrosive spells at the moment. I do have 1 Fire spell at the ready, my signature spell, but it’s more of a lure spell then Surge, it draws all opponents within 15 feet of me 10 feet closer immediately, if nothing is in the way, at the end of which, if they are within 5 feet of me, they are then overwhelmed with a barrage of fire.

[color=#FF00FF]Why do we never see you around :'( ?[/color] I have made an active effort to take what I have learned from Clan Quest, in building friendships and creating bonds, and convert that over to the real world. I don’t really have time to do both.



  • crickets*

[Editor’s note: :c]

[color=#FF8000]When did you start playing?[/color] May, 2010

[color=#FF8000]What was your very first accomplishment cape?[/color] Quest Point Cape, to date the last. I can’t wear it any more.

[color=#FF8000]If I were to visit your country, what do you think I should do first?[/color] Clear customs. After that I have no fucking clue. I suppose that would depend where you came in. It’s a massive country. If you were visiting my city specifically, you should see Stan Hywett, have some Barberton Chicken for Lunch, Check out Derby Downs, and the home of the Goodyear Motherfucking Blimp and try to catch a show at the Civic Theatre.

[color=#FF8000]What are your favourite cities/locations, both in RS and in real life?[/color] Neitiznot. I can’t stand Jatizso or its people.


[color=#FF8000]Do you have a motto or a favourite phrase? If so, which is it?[/color] Motto’s. Phrases are for losers.

[color=#FF8000]Which quest you believe to be the best?[/color] Definitely the Legend’s Quest. No doubt. To be fair, it was way before its time in difficulty, lore, scope, complexity, and grandiosity. It’s still pretty cool.

[color=#FF8000]Do you play an instrument? If not, which instrument/s would you like to learn?[/color] Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Tuba, Guitar, Voice. These all appear on my resume as an actor. That said, I have actually been paid to whistle. So I guess the only instrument I have played professionally is whistling...

[color=#FF8000]Tell us the story behind your name![/color] I stole the name from the God of Sorcery, whom I killed and usurped in an attempt at apotheosis. The attempt was not successful, unfortunately.

[color=#FF8000]How many languages do you speak? Which one would you like to learn? [/color] Just two, English and German. I’d really like to learn Mandarin, or Cantonese, I guess some form of Chinese, whichever is most useful…

[color=#FF8000]If you had to escape your country immediately, what's the one thing you'd take with you?[/color] It depends entirely on the circumstances upon which I’d be leaving the country. You say escape, which implies that I’d be forced out, which tells me you are obviously not American, as that is a concept that is just not possible for Americans to conceive.You can not make me do anything I don’t want to do. I guess as a catch all, Draz?

[color=#FF8000]How does it feel to know your brother received a letter from Hogwarts while you didn't?[/color]


As to why I didn’t go? Well when you’ve killed a god of Magic? What can a lowly school of witchcraft teach you? I didn’t want to waste their time.

[color=#FF8000]Speaking about Hogwarts? Why is Slytherin the best house ever?[/color] Because people don’t want to argue with Slytherin so as not to harm their fragile egos. They have a higher percentage of emo children than any other house. As a result the other houses have been instructed by their professors not to challenge their self esteem less it encourage them to spend hours and hours blasting my chemical romance in their common room refusing to accomplish anything because what is the point.

How was it growing up with a wizard and a magus? Insufferable. Magi are lazy bastards, Wizards are passive aggressive, and Sorcerers are perfect angels. It’s rather unfair.

[color=#FF8000]Best from Clan Quest?[/color] Probably a bit of a dated answer, but the people. With Nogard as a close second. =)

[color=#FF8000]Best film ever?[/color] Second Hand Lions

[color=#FF8000]Best book ever?[/color] Lady Friday


[color=#FFBF00]Pew pew another month is gone! *mygodwhydoestimetravelsofast* Thank you, Sorcerer. It’s been really nice to have this opportunity. We shall see each other again![/color]

Article by Choto 3000


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